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Clarity Publishing’s focus has always been Malaysia-flavoured books by predominantly Malaysian talent. We started out with non-fiction and slowly but surely are working on expanding our fiction list.

We’ve never wanted to be a big publisher and much prefer to put our efforts into creating stimulating, distinctive books that spark joy and ideas through great storytelling, imaginative visuals and attention to the small details.


Before you get started, please do note that due to COVID restrictions, we are only delivering physical books to Malaysian addresses only. The good news is that all shipping is FREE – yes, you read correctly - percuma!

The bad news – our books can’t travel overseas, but don’t be too sad because we have e-books that can magically zoom through fibreoptic cables to all corners of the world.

Thank you for visiting, do browse, do buy and do drop us notes at (unless you are an ah long, then please don’t).

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