Our Work



Innovative editorial development is what makes Clarity so special.

By working closely with our clients to really understand them and their business, we can tell genuinely inspiring stories that resonate with readers. Our brand of corporate storytelling is about communicating complex concepts in an easy-to-read manner, very different from the typical corporate bullsh*t.

Editorial development is more than just competent writing, it is about creating a blueprint for a book or series of magazines/newsletters that blends together well-crafted words, attractive design and images that tell a story.



Clarity also provides editing and proofreading services, just send us your copy for a quotation and work schedule.



Our team of experienced designers, photographers and illustrators understand their craft inside out and have worked on plenty of publications from magazines, coffeetable books, reports, newsletters and e-books.

We bring great design to life with great paper choices, finishings and printing. We love paper and print and work closely with suppliers and printers to create books that people want to pick up, touch and read.