Kings of Chinatown

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Caught between fate and betrayal, a son must decide where his loyalties and ambitions lie.

The Syndicate, run by the aging Wong, is trapped in a battle for survival as a long-running gang war draws to an endgame, threatening to destroy what is left of his crime organisation and family.

Although he has valiantly kept his surviving son away from the Syndicate, Gavin is slowly drawn into a plot to topple his father by his bitter chief lieutenant, preparing to seize power after years of being sidelined.

Beyond the brutal gang warfare, a wider landscape of political manipulation and corruption emerges. All sides are desperate to settle old scores as a power-hungry politician and a disgraced police inspector join forces to assassinate Kuala Lumpur’s infamous “King of Chinatown”.



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William Tham’s fiction and nonfiction has been published by Ethos Books, Penang Monthly and Looseleaf magazine. He previously served as the senior editor of the Vancouver-based Ricepaper magazine. He is the author of The Last Days and Kings of Chinatown.

129 x 198mm
B&W throughout
ISBN 9789671765777


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